Products (For Mini Steel Plant)
Cast Iron Ingot Moulds

We can make moulds of any size weighing up to
6 tons per hour

We specialize in manufacturing high quality Ingot Moulds using induction furnace route as well as cupola furnace route. They are not only superior in quality but also offer higher life to your products.
The basic chemical composition of our moulds is:

Carbon - 3.5%+
Silicon - 1.8% +
Manganese - 0.65%+
Sulfur - 0.07% max
Phosphorus - 0.10% Max
Cast Iron Centre Column
We make center column of the same composition as ingot moulds. Our center column is available in the following sizes:76”, 78”, 83”. We can make it in any other size as per customers size and specifications.

Cast Iron Slag Pot
We manufacture slag pots of various sires weighing upto 6 tons
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