Quality Assurance

We take pride in maintaining a very high product quality. At MAMPL, we have a robust quality assurance plan that assures maintenance of product quality of the highest order ensuring the effectiveness of our customer requirements. All quality tests are conducted at our world class quality testing lab that is manned by a well-qualified quality assurance workforce who test the chemical composition of Incoming & Outgoing material as well as physical testing like Brunel hardness & tensile strength.

All inventory materials that go in and out of the plant are tested chemically as well as physically before they are put to use or sold. All materials are also analyzed and checked several times before dispatch.

Every material is subjected to rigorous physical tests where micro structures, tensile, yield strength, U.T. testing, eddy current conductivity, elongation and hardness are measured and reported. Each material is specifically tagged with heat numbers and identification numbers as it rolls out of the production line until the final inspection prior to dispatch.

It is this strict adherence to quality under all conditions that makes us such a valued supplier to our customers.
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